Tintype by C.J. Taylor

My name is Casey Crockford and I’m a Canberra-based visual artist and photographer.

Completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours at the Australian National University in 2015, where I majored in photography, I have developed a great deal of technical and conceptual skill in my art making process. I predominantly work with analogue techniques and traditional darkroom printing, but frequently shift between different mediums, materials and techniques depending on the nature of each project I undertake.

My photography skills include:

– Operation of Analogue cameras (35mm, medium format, and large format)
– Digital camera skills (primarily Nikon)
– Darkroom printing (colour and black and white)
– Film scanning
– Digital printing
– Operation of studio lighting equipment, tripods, reflectors, etc…
– Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere

Other visual arts and crafts skills include:

– Traditional hand-embroidery
– Tapestry weaving
– Machine sewing and over-locking
– Following and altering dress-maker patterns
– Screen-printing
– Illustration

I have exhibited my work and curated shows both locally and internationally. I have also put my photography skills to commercial use as a wedding and fashion photographer. These experiences have taught me not only how to work under pressure but also how to communicate within a group and with clients.

I also have a great interest in textiles, illustration, cooking, and travel. Wherever possible try to bring these elements into my artistic practice.