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Aaaaand the Site is Up!

It has taken a year of procrastination and numerous trial-runs, but it is finally done – I have my own website! (With a domain name and everything!)
It only went live yesterday, so there’s still a lot of work to be done. There will be a lot of scanning and resizing of old negs and images in the coming months, and hopefully some nice header designs and links to my facebook, tumblr, things I’m involved in, etc, etc…

And right here in this little blog space is where I’ll be putting works in progress, rattling off ideas and research notes (and probably where I’ll be doing a lot of procrastinating to avoid REAL work. Eep!)

To start it off, here’s a little event coming up in about a month’s time I’ve been organising with a couple of my peers. The flyer is designed by yours truly and the flower image by the lovely Ellen Hewitt, who is co-curating the exhibition alongside myself and fellow artist Monica Styles.
If you’re in Canberra in October come check it out! There’s free entry and lots of nibbles and drinks on opening night. Hope to see you there!


Also, if anyone has suggestions for improving the website I’m all ears! Very new to this whole thing and only just beginning to get my head around CSS.

That’s all for now! Will update again soon!